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Writing a succinct thesis

No matter where you study – at high school, college, or university – you will inevitably face the need to write some research papers. The educational system requires that students compose papers on a great variety of topics and subjects. If you are already familiar with writing research papers, you probably know that most of those works are expected to include a brief thesis statement. If you manage to compose a good and clear thesis statement, you have more chances to succeed in writing a brilliant succinct thesis by simply following your thesis statement’s guidelines. This is why this brief part of your paper is so important and even crucial for the total success of your work. To learn more about how to write succinct thesis, you may find here:

So let’s take a closer look at a thesis statement itself.

  • A thesis statement is usually a concluding sentence or paragraph of the introductory article of your paper, where a succinct summary of the major point or concept of you paper or essay are presented.

Remember that in the following text of your paper you will need to explain and support with examples what has been stated in this opening paragraph. There is a common rule requiring that a thesis statement should be formulated in a scientific manner. A student is expected to do some topical research, make observations relevant to the topic, and then formulate a thesis, proving it by evidences and examples. Bearing in mind the importance of the thesis statement, you should communicate it as clearly as possible in the very beginning of your paper. A proper succinct thesis can help you structure and develop the text that follows.

  • Sometimes, paper writing starts with some specific thesis already present in your mind. For example, this is the case when you are going to write a position paper or some editorial, when your opinion has already been informed and researched.

It allows you to advance your position further without sticking to previously available research too much. However, if you are not so well familiar with the subject, your best start should be reading books or magazine articles relevant to the subject in question. When reading, try to ask yourself some questions on the subject and find out proper answers.

  • When it comes to a concise thesis, you must understand that it should give an answer to the question you have previously formulated in your thesis statement, rather than raise more questions on the subject. Your thesis statement should also be focused on a single topic only.

Along with that, make sure it is specific. For this end, it is recommended to avoid general and meaningless statements. Instead, you should use more specific expressions to make your sentences concise and subject-focused. While your further text will both be based on your statement and follow and develop it s idea, too general statement can lead your paper in the wrong direction or divert you from clear supporting the primary topic. It can result in insufficient consistency of your thoughts and failure to offer a specific solution of the major problem in question.

A typical thesis paper usually consists of an introduction, some chapters (including that where conclusions are offered), and some pages of bibliography. Optionally, you can also add a page with acknowledgements. A proper paper structure implies that every chapter should cover a separate set of arguments. You can organize your work chronologically (for historical papers, for example) or thematically (for literature or other papers). And of course, don’t forget to present your conclusions in the final chapter of the work. It should result from your train of thought presented in previous chapters.

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